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    Sierra get file
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    Installing Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 using openCore 0.6.5

    Thata great. we would love the tutorials.. and share your EFI.
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    Flutter create and scan QRCode example with security. [only your app can read]

    A QR code is an image with basic information in which information is scanned by a QR code reader (or phone camera). QR means Quick Reader, so remember this to implement in a real-world application to identify the object or things. For example, bus tickets, movie tickets, gate pass or e-commerce...
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    Debian Based How to install latest version of android studio on Ubuntu (All Version)

    This article is made very simple focusing the Linux beginners. There are many instructions out there in internet on how to install android studio on Linux, some might use repository to install, some uses software center to install but we use official guide to install the android studio, which...
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    [Replacement/WiFi Dongle] Compatible WiFi Cards

    Yaa.. need to work.
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    Installing Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 using openCore 0.6.5

    Remove VoodooPS2Controller.kext form kexts folder and try to use ApplePS2Controller.kext. That needs to bypass this kernel panic!!
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    Mojave Brightness Control Stops Working

    That config may give you unexpected results now or later on because that is made for different IGPU. so per your signature, you should use the config already prepared by Rehabman. please try it out. If you get K.P. then don't panic just keep solving issues after that because this is the correct...
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    Mojave Brightness Control Stops Working

    The problem is here in your boot args, dart=0 debug=0x100 darkwake=no bpr_probedelay=200 bpr_initialdelay=400 bpr_postresetdelay=400 nvram -c you are clearing nvram in every boot so the brightness values is always cleared. The other problem of brightness might be due to dart=0 and darkwake=no...
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    Mojave Brightness Control Stops Working

    It is recommended that you use all the kext in Clover/Kext/Other folder so that you don't mess with permission issues and kext duplication. Renaming .dsl to .aml is a bad idea and recommend you to use the MaciASL tool which can be found in the download section. Also, are you using other DSDT...
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    Mojave USB Installer / Hard Drive Issue

    That sounds great. Anyway, for the quick clover fix, you could just simply copy the Clover files to HDD/SSD EFI partition. That doesn't make any problem because from the diskutility tool you need to shrink the APFS or HFS volume after that boot into windows format the shrinked volume in NTFS...
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    Mojave Brightness Control Stops Working

    Welcome to NoobsPlanet @mossy & Happy New Year 2021. The first thing your profile is incomplete, complete it first. Before answering your question I would like to know how you have installed Hackintosh in the system? It is recommended that you...
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    Any news about Big Sur?

    not tried yet. Busy these days.. so maybe coming Sunday I will give it a try and report the status. Thanks, @yashydv21 for being an active member of NoobsPlanet. 🙏
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    Generate SSDT.aml for system using script

    Make sure you are home directory using pwd command or you can simply change directory to home directory using cd ~ or just refollow the above steps as i have updated the commands.
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    [MinstolenSize patch] Intel HD 515, 520, 530, 540 graphics fix hackintosh

    Attach the EFI folder. I have not yet tried the opencore but may be some community members could help you. Please create new thread or your problem and mentioned your problem in detail. This thread is only for Intel HD 515,520,530 and 540. Also, update your signature.
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    Messages Fix !!

    You first need to delete the caches for iMessage and replace the supported generated id. You can use the following github script. (The script requires root privilege so run it at your own risk)