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Lilu v1.4.9

  • Added the PCI GMCH Graphics Control register definition. (by 0xFireWolf)
  • Added a new API to solve multiple symbols in one shot conveniently. (by 0xFireWolf)
  • Added a new RouteRequest constructor to work with function pointers without additional type castings. (by 0xFireWolf)
  • Compile Xcode 11 OSObject stubs into plugins to allow mixing compilers
  • Unified release archive names
  • Added multirouting support to routeFunction API enabling functions to have multiple proxies
  • Added explicit routing type to routeFunction APIs
  • Made Lilu use long function routes to ease third-part multirouting
  • Lilu now uses OpenCore NVRAM variable GUIDs
  • Add support for 0x3E980003 frame id for CFL refresh
  • Fixed analog audio device detection on certain laptops with Insyde firmware.
  • Added implicit eraseCoverageInstPrefix to routeMultiple
  • Fixed user patcher kernel panic when running process via posix_spawn without exec
  • Fixed user patcher codesign issues on recent 10.14 versions with SIP
  • Changed kern_start and kern_stop to contain product prefix to avoid collisions
  • Lowered version compatibility to 1.2.0 to let plugins load
Note: This release is functionally not different from 1.3.0, but it fixes plugin loading from /Library/Extensions if absolutely necessary.
Important kernel kext for boot.

  • Added kern_atomic.hpp header to support atomic types with old Clang
  • Added ThreadLocal APIs
  • Added KernelPatcher::eraseCoverageInstPrefix API
  • Fixed race condition during bootstrap
  • Fixed potential race condition during user patching
Important for boot

  • Fixed CPU generation detection for Coffee Lake-U
  • Fixed PEGP detection with 3D Controller class-code
  • Fixed userspace patcher compatibility with macOS Mojave
  • Allow manually specified reservation in evector
  • Improved version information printing in DEBUG builds