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    Installing Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 using openCore 0.6.5

    Hello, i am trying to install mac os big sur in my Dell 5559 Laptop using opencore, i have followed official opencore guide to make EFI getting issue on booting,Stuck on "AppleIntelLpssI2CController", i am attaching screenshot of it and EFI as well. Please let me know if any solution. Thanks...
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    Any news about Big Sur?

    Any success on Big Sur installation for Dell 5559?
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    MemoryFix issue with mac OS catalina 10.15.4

    Hello there. i am trying to install [FRESH INSTALL] macOS Catalina 10.15.4..but ont getting success with it. as i google it i found that AptioMemoryFix is not supported with it and its dead now. if i tried to boot with AptioMemoryFix then i got this errors so i tried with...
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    [SOLVED] Audio in MacOS Mojave 10.14.4

    Hello fresh installed macOS Mojave in my laptop. but don't get my audio work already followed my own previos thread but don't get success.. so how to get back my audio with AppleALC and AppleHDA
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    Majove More Small Resolution

    i want to apply more small resolution in my Mojave i have only these 2 options available. HOW TO DO MORE SMALL RESOLUTION THEN THIS??????
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    Majove [SOLVED] Lenovo Y50-70 Mojave Graphics fix

    hello, i want to fix Intel HD4600 graphics in mojave in lenovo Y50-70 already installed WhatEverGreen.kext and Lliu.Kext in S/L/E but graphics won't fix..laptop started without graphics and without FakeID-0X12345678 laptop will not starting(attempting to restart) if i start laptop without...
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    [SOLVED] Audio Problem in macOS Mojave(10.14.2)

    hello, the last thing is remaining is that, i can't fix my audio. installed AppleALC and AppleHDA but audio not working. then i tried VoodooHDA but its not working properly..sound is very slow and very glitchy how yo make audio working properly as per now my S/L/E does not contain any kext...
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    [SOLVED]Keyboard-Trackpad proper kext for Mojave

    i am using macOS Mojave 10.14 i want proper trackpad and keyboard kext in voodooPS2 trackpad right click not working & double tap in trackpad is also not working.. is their any other kext?
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    [SOLVED] macOS Mojave Graphics fix

    Want to fix intel graphics in macOS mojave 10.14.1.. Already followed the video But its not working.. How to fix this..please help me I am using Dell 5559 attached my CLOVER folder.. please help me
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    how to make bluetooth working in my macSierra 10.12.6?
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    upgrade sierra to Mojave?

    i want to upgrade from macSierra to macOs Mojave.. is that possible???
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    [Solved] Intel HD 3000 graphics fix for Lenovo g580

    i have Lenovo g580 laptop inte i3 2nd generation...already installed mac sierra 10.12.6 but can't find any solution for graphics fix I have nVidia Graphics GeForce CUDA graphics card..nd intel HD inbuilt please tell e how to fix graphics problem
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    Sierra 10.12.6 to High Sierra

    Hello, happy to see noobplanet back again. i want to upgrade my MacOS sierra to High Sierra my laptop is Dell 5559