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  1. noobsplanet

    Flutter create and scan QRCode example with security. [only your app can read]

    A QR code is an image with basic information in which information is scanned by a QR code reader (or phone camera). QR means Quick Reader, so remember this to implement in a real-world application to identify the object or things. For example, bus tickets, movie tickets, gate pass or e-commerce...
  2. noobsplanet

    Debian Based How to install latest version of android studio on Ubuntu (All Version)

    This article is made very simple focusing the Linux beginners. There are many instructions out there in internet on how to install android studio on Linux, some might use repository to install, some uses software center to install but we use official guide to install the android studio, which...
  3. noobsplanet

    Red Hat Installing BCM43xx on RedHat [Easiest Way]

    Hello guys, I am back with another guide for installing Broadcom 43xx wireless driver into RHEL. I'll keep this guide simple and easier but if this doesn't work then please go though the source link provided in the bottom of this article. short intro, I am using the Broadcom BCM94352z card with...
  4. noobsplanet

    Facebook AI bots talk themselves which are not understandable by human beings.

    In August 2017, Facebook shut down the AI bot which talks themself which is not understood by human beings. The Facebook researcher says they use the English word to communicate with each other which has no meaning. This has happened when Facebook researchers were researching on improving the AI...
  5. noobsplanet

    Debian Based Installing and setting up Rabbitmq in any system [Any Operating System]

    Debian System Such as Ubuntu, Debian, Download the .deb installer file. open Terminal and navigate te the download directory assuming the file is in Downloads. cd ~/Downloads - This command changes the current working directory to Downloads. Install the file using command dpkg -i If you're...
  6. noobsplanet

    Catalina How To Install Clover Using Installer?

    The first step I will do after installing macOS is to install Clover in HDD/SDD.
  7. noobsplanet

    How To Unblock Specific Website From Blocking Ads.

    Why Unblock? -> We all hate ads right? Websites require the servers to run needs maintenance time to time that will be charged to the owner of the site. And for some sites(this) ads are the only way to generate some money for the creator and that will be used to maintain the service. The above...
  8. noobsplanet

    Majove Upgrade Hackintosh From Mojave To Catalina

    Hello Folks, I was about to write this guide a weeks earlier but due to some busy days that time I couldn't write it. Sorry for late, there may be already many guide over internet on upgrading hackintosh but we (noobsplanet), explains short and fast guides as much as we can. so In short this...
  9. noobsplanet

    [YesThisIsMe] Lua Clock Beautiful Conky Script

    Hello Guys, Welcome to NoobsPlanet, In this article I will show you to install the cool conky desktop and apply the skin made by @YesThisIsMe and modded by @Trollpunny. This is old conky script but yet very popular original link attached below this article. I have edited few in original script...
  10. noobsplanet

    Ubuntu Install Unity Desktop Environment On Ubuntu 17.10, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.04, Ubuntu 19.10

    Ubuntu has switched again to Gnome Desktop since 17.10 before this Ubuntu uses Unity Desktop. But for those who would like Unity Desktop they can switch back to Unity easily no matter which version of Ubuntu you are using. Miss Gnome Desktop as well? Don't worry you'll also be able to switch to...
  11. noobsplanet

    Patch Brightness keys using hackintosh Qxx method.

    Due to difference in real mac and hackintosh keyboard many hackintosh system will miss the brightness control through Fn+ n Keys. I hope you've now working brightness, that you can check it from SystemPrefs -> Displays. If you can't find slider then you first need to make brightness work first...
  12. noobsplanet

    How to get response from a headers body volley android?

    JsonObjectRequest jsonObjectRequest = new JsonObjectRequest(Request.Method.POST, Konstant.BASE_URL+"/auth", authObj, response -> { // Log.d("apple", response.toString()); }, Throwable::printStackTrace) { @Override public String getBodyContentType() {...
  13. noobsplanet

    Flutter Simple Stateful Example

    import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; void main() => runApp(MyApp()); class MyApp extends StatelessWidget { @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return MaterialApp( home: _MyHomePage(title: 'Flutter App'), ); } } class _MyHomePage extends StatefulWidget {...
  14. noobsplanet

    [FrameBuffer Patch] Patched AppleHDA, AppleALC HDMI Audio Fix Hackintosh

    Hello guys, I am back with a major Hackintosh problem that is faced by Hackintosher while using AppleALC.kext or patched AppleHDA.kext. There are several ways to make audio work on Hackintosh but some known major steps are using patched AppleHDA.kext, AppleALC.kext(Recommended Way) and...
  15. noobsplanet

    Patched AppleHDA supported Codec

    Supported Codec/DEVICE_ID : You must have one of the following DEVICE_ID/Codec names described below in table: Vendor Codec/Device ID System Realtek ALC887 Desktop Realtek ALC888 Desktop Realtek ALC891 Desktop Realtek ALC892 Desktop Realtek ALC255 Laptop Realtek ALC269...
  16. noobsplanet

    [All System] 100% working Audio Fix For Hackintosh

    There are some machines that will work audio by default but most of them need configuration due to differences in real mac and non-apple system. Let's jump straight to the point, there are three ways that you can make audio work will all Hackintosh versions pre-release and future release of...
  17. noobsplanet

    AppleALC Supported Codecs for hackintosh

    Currently supported codecs Vendor Codec Revisions and layouts MinKernel MaxKernel AnalogDevices AD1984 0x100400, layout 11 13 (10.9) — AnalogDevices AD1984A 0x100400, layout 11, 13, 44 13 (10.9) — AnalogDevices AD1988A layout 12 13 (10.9) — AnalogDevices AD1988B layout 5, 7, 12 13...
  18. noobsplanet

    Help & Support Page iFake SMS

    iFake SMS allows you to create fake text message that looks exactly like a real iPhone text. This is the first App on the Android market for creating fake text message virtually with your android phone without an internet connection. You can generate unlimited screenshot as you like and all our...
  19. noobsplanet

    How And When To Rebuild Kernel Caches In Hackintosh?

    Rebuilding kext and kernel caches are helpful if you're changing kexts on the local system. It's not necessary if you're only injecting via Clover i.e. if placed kext in Clover/Kexts/ ... folder. When the OS boots - it saves all currently used kexts into a cache for faster booting next time -...
  20. noobsplanet

    Can anyone upload NoobsPlanet hackintosh image into torrent ?

    Due to the large file size, some members are having trouble downloading files and also file getting corrupted with them. I tried to upload but it's not happening. So, anyone who has experience uploading file to torrent previously can upload and link it here or PM me. Thank's Happy Hackintoshing :)