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  1. noobsplanet

    Install macOS Big Sur Beta?

    You can use the MacOS Developer Beta Access Utility to use beta software again.
  2. noobsplanet

    MacOS Developer Beta Access Utility 16

    This tool allows you to enable beta software testing. If your account has turned off beta testing before or doesn't show any beta software in Appstore then you can use this software to enable developer options.
  3. noobsplanet

    [Fix] Internal/External Card Reader Hackintosh Guide

    Please complete your profile first There needs to those content files or you might be doing wrong now. You can update your hackintosh again any try again these steps carefully.
  4. noobsplanet

    Help installing intel hd 530 drivers on Mojave install !

    Complete your profile first It's normal to get iGPU failed to load message when you're boot with fake-id. Seems like you have not followed any guide to fix the intel HD 530 graphics. Head over to our guide below to fix it with simple steps...
  5. noobsplanet

    Majove Install Mojave without mac on any desktop/laptop

    Upload the screenshot of your problem.
  6. noobsplanet

    I can't boot from USB Bootable Catalina installer; EC device meaning??

    -v pronounced verbose, will boot it into text-mode (verbose message) instead of Graphical User Interface(GUI), so you can only use this boot arguments only when you have a problem in booting or would like to read in text what is happening behind the white apple logo. Did you followed our...
  7. noobsplanet

    I can't boot from USB Bootable Catalina installer; EC device meaning??

    Seems like graphics issue, Boot with a fake id from Graphics Injector -> Clover boot screen ig-platform 0x0a260006 or 0x04128086 or 0x1 (if the first one didn't work in your system) add also add -v parameter at the end of Clover boot args. If the problem persists please attach the screenshot...
  8. noobsplanet

    Majove Lenovo Ideapad 100 15iBD

    Make sure you backup your EFI clover. Make sure you only replace the Clover folder, if you have multiple OS on your system make sure other OS folders are present in EFI partition. This Clover fixes: Keyboard Internet Battery status USB fix
  9. noobsplanet

    I can't boot from USB Bootable Catalina installer; EC device meaning??

    Can you please upload the screenshot and the clover folder? or you can try this Clover
  10. noobsplanet

    [MinstolenSize patch] Intel HD 515, 520, 530, 540 graphics fix hackintosh

    The steps vary from system to system please explain your problem in detail to get help from NoobsPlanet and complete your profile as well.
  11. noobsplanet

    I have an error like this... please reply

    open Terminal app and set this command date 030300002019 and try again without restarting.
  12. noobsplanet

    Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB | No QCI No Metal

    Complete your profile first Did you follow our guide? You have working graphics what is your problem? Please explain it clearly...
  13. noobsplanet

    Fix drivers for ASUS Laptop F556 for Cantalina

    Please complete your profile first.
  14. noobsplanet

    Intel HD 5300, 5500 and 6000 Graphics Fix For Hackintosh

    You might have done something wrong. Did you turn on the file-system encryption? You may try with F1 or Fn+1 in clover boot screen to get the list of shortcut keys and find the show hidden entries, from there you may able to recover it. Also check if the EFI folder is ok or not, you may also...
  15. noobsplanet

    Intel HD 5300, 5500 and 6000 Graphics Fix For Hackintosh

    EFI is the partition where boot files are stored. If you see only windows you need to install the Clover in HDD, follow the instructions to install clover or guide can also be found on our YouTube channel. For fixing the graphics you need to carefully follow this guide step by step and also...
  16. noobsplanet

    sound not working on mojave no devices found

    The audio patching is different in Mojave. Did you followed this guide?
  17. noobsplanet

    High Sierra Please help me please

    Do you see any text or cursor? Are you able to see the clover? please explain in detail your problem.
  18. noobsplanet

    Catalina Problems with audio on Lenovo L340-15IRH

    Which kext you are using for the audio? Please complete your profile first. If you are using AppleALC try different layout id for 11 and 18
  19. noobsplanet

    Big Sur installtion process?

    Ohhh.... I would love to try this Big Sur.. thanks for reminding @oldman20
  20. noobsplanet

    Majove Install Mojave without mac on any desktop/laptop

    Boot with fake ig-platform id 0x12345678 and for the boot args, you can use space in Clover boot screen and choose a boot with selected arguments.