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dell 5547

  1. ricardos7

    Dell Inspiron 5547 MacOS Mojave 10.14

    Running almost everything, Brilliance FN key keys Wifi - Dell 1705 Audio Does not work Bluetooth
  2. Rair Suzuki

    Majove Hackintosh support for Dell Inspiron 15r 5547

    Hi, so far im able to use: Keyboard, trackpad, audio, video, wifi, ethernet... Now i want to make the bluetooth work (dw1707, AR9565), but im not being able to. Does anyone knows? it shows up on these places but it doesnt find any devices...
  3. Rair Suzuki

    Majove [Solved]No internet on Dell inspiron 15, 5547 with mojave hackintosh (Ethernet and wifi)

    I recently installed Mojave, keyboard and trackpad already funcional, next thing i think that is essencial is de wifi, anyway, can someone help me? Thanks My wifi card is the dell wireless DW1707
  4. noobsplanet

    Sierra Inspiron 5547

    This is a working set of kexts and configurations for running macOS Sierra on an Dell 5547 (i7) laptop . Works with i5 too but needs to re-patch the Brightness patch. please contact us for help. Working: CPU steps, sleep, audio, multitouch, FN keys, USB Not working: wifi, bluetooth, amd...