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dsdt patch

  1. M

    Dsdt patch request please

    lenovo ideapad z510 i5 4200M intel HD 4600 Ram 6 GB Nvidia Gt 740M ( not supported by mojave ) please help me to patch dsdt Last login: Tue Aug 27 19:56:36 on ttys000 Ahmeds-MacBook-Air:~ kamal$ cd ~/Desktop/origin/ Ahmeds-MacBook-Air:eek:rigin kamal$ ls APIC.aml FPDT.aml...
  2. noobsplanet

    Patch Brightness keys using hackintosh Qxx method.

    Due to difference in real mac and hackintosh keyboard many hackintosh system will miss the brightness control through Fn+ n Keys. I hope you've now working brightness, that you can check it from SystemPrefs -> Displays. If you can't find slider then you first need to make brightness work first...
  3. mero1212

    Dsdt.aml (F5) options Clover bootloader

    Hi, guys!! I have a question about DSDT.aml in the clover bootloader options is the option to press F5 and save the dsdt there is also option F4 (pure DSDT) But I want to know that DSDT is the F5 option? Is it supposed that the DSDT (F5) is my DSDT patched with all my Kext, etc ...? Is it...
  4. noobsplanet

    SSDT-XOSI.aml 28oct2018

    This SSDT can be used instead of an "OS Check Fix" patch to simulate a version of Windows for Darwin. The default code below simulates Windows 2009 (Windows 7). To use this SSDT, you must compile it as AML, place in ACPI/patched, add to config.plist/ACPI/SortedOrder, and use the "change _OSI to...
  5. ALiveVam

    DSDT Patch Request Here[For Laptop]

    Every Hackintosh Laptops need DSDT.So you can request it here. How to request for DSDT/SSDT: Step 1: Laptop specification. if your laptop build in dual GPU(ex:Intel+AMD/Intel+Nvidia) must mention it. Step 2: Restart your computer and at the clover boot screen Press F4 or Fn+F4 and boot normally...
  6. noobsplanet

    [Patch] Wake from sleep black or glitchy screen fix

    This is the patch for those who cannot wake their hackintosh from sleep, mostly upgrading from Sierra to High Sierra facing this problem. If you're new to patching DSDT then see this guide. So, let's not waste time: Requirements : Download And Install Darwin Dumper Download And Install...