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laptop support

  1. A

    High Sierra Brightness reset to max each restart

    Hi, i've installed High Sierra on my HP 250 G6 ( i5 7200 kabylake) and after a week of use, it happens that my laptop screen brightness resets to max each time I start/restart it. It didn't do that before, so I'm wondering what is messing somewhere. I've tried reset pram by pressing F11 at...
  2. C

    Help boot is glitched out and broke.

    Hi I need help with this urgent. here are my specs: Intel core i7 5600u 16gb ram ddr3 Intel HD Graphics 5500 (Dell) 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce 840M (Dell) Laptop model: Dell latitude e5550
  3. Flexnard1234

    Issues Installing on Acer E15 E5-575G-53VG

    Hi, I'm having trouble installing on my laptop. Here are my bios changes: Set boot mode to UEFI : Already selected in Bios Disable secure boot: Done Sata mode to AHCI: Not available in Bios Disable Intel Virtualization Support: Not available in Bios Disable VT for Direct I/O: Not available in...
  4. A

    Another Wifi BT compatible card ?

    Hi, after some search on ebay, I've found this : It says bcm943602cs Wifi/Bt Mac and Pc, do you think I can install it in my hackBook : HP 250 g6...
  5. A

    Mojave MACH Reboot on HP laptop i5 kabylake +intel hd620

    Hi all, I'm trying to get Mojave to run on my HP 250 g6 : intel core i5 7200u( HP store) but am stuck after clover boots ok with this message : MACH Reboot (and actually hangs) What I did : I have used my desktop Hackintosh to install Mojave on a 250 gb SSD drive, I tested and it works fine on...
  6. rummues

    Install MacOS on ASUS ASPIRE A715-72G

    Hi, first of all i want to apologize for my english, is so bad, i´ll do my best to explain my situation I have an acer aspire a715-72g and I want to install some version of the OS that works well on my laptop, more than anything I want to install it to use Logic Pro X, these are the...
  7. K

    I am having hp pavilion p029 tx i3 4010U 2gb NVIDIA 830M 4 gb RAM does this hardware support mac os mojave as you have done in your YouTube tutorial

    I am having hp pavilion p029 tx i3 4010U 2gb NVIDIA 830M 4 gb RAM does this hardware support mac os mojave as you have done in your YouTube tutorial
  8. ALiveVam

    DSDT Patch Request Here[For Laptop]

    Every Hackintosh Laptops need DSDT.So you can request it here. How to request for DSDT/SSDT: Step 1: Laptop specification. if your laptop build in dual GPU(ex:Intel+AMD/Intel+Nvidia) must mention it. Step 2: Restart your computer and at the clover boot screen Press F4 or Fn+F4 and boot normally...
  9. ALiveVam

    Majove [Solved][Help]Battery icon not showing

    My laptops Battery icon not showing... I try ..adding "abm_firstpolldelay=16000" config.plist/boot argument.. but no luck..
  10. ALiveVam

    Majove Prepare a macOS Mojave USB Flash Drive for Laptop

    Introduction Mac Os Mojave was just released in 24th September 2018. This is the major release by an Apple because the UI of Mojave is completely dark. You can install this OS in any laptop running Intel processor and assuming you've at least 8 GB of RAM. 4 GB RAM can also install it but may be...