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mojave 10.14.4

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    Help installing intel hd 530 drivers on Mojave install !

    My laptop specs: Clevo/Sager P650SE I7-6700hq Nvidia GTX 970M 3GB Intel HD 530 16GB ram I did a vanilla install of Mojave and I had zero issues booting the installer and installing it with clover. My integrated intel hd 530 shows up as intel hd 530 7 MB in about this Mac and when the laptop...
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    Mojave MACH Reboot on HP laptop i5 kabylake +intel hd620

    Hi all, I'm trying to get Mojave to run on my HP 250 g6 : intel core i5 7200u( HP store) but am stuck after clover boots ok with this message : MACH Reboot (and actually hangs) What I did : I have used my desktop Hackintosh to install Mojave on a 250 gb SSD drive, I tested and it works fine on...
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    Want 10.14.4 mojave

    I want updated version of mojave
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    Custom Hackintosh i5-6600 RX-480 Catalina 10.15.2 4.0

    My Specs Custom Built PC Installed Kexts (Working for 10.15.2) AHCIPortInjector.kext AppleALC.kext CodecCommander.kext FakePCIID.kext IntelMausiEthernet.kext Lilu.kext SMCBatteryManager.kext SMCLightSensor.kext SMCProcessor.kext SMCSuperIO.kext...