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mojave installation

  1. S

    Majove Mojave install stuck

    Hi all, I tried to install Mojave on a Ssd in my laptop (specs in my signature), but it stops at the same moment every time. Attached some photos. The laptop is crashing when are remaining 3-4 minutees. I really don't know what to do... Please somebody help. Thank You in advance
  2. M

    Installing Mojave On Dell 5570 error installation couldn't be completed

    Hello Guys I'm trying to install Mojave 1.14 hackintosh on my new laptop dell 5570 (core i5 8250u) has two hard drive the first one SSD drive which contains wind 10 and the second one HDD that i wanna install Mojave on so i erased it and cut it using disk utility mac but unfortunately before...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] Help with Alienware 13 Stuck on Apple Boot Logo

    Hi, so I followed this tutorial: and it booted into the Apple Logo, however the progress bar was stuck and didn't move for an hour. I'm not sure what the cause for this could be but any help would be appreciated :) Specs: Laptop: Alienware 13 RAM: 16GB Motherboard: Alienware 02C3X1 Graphics...
  4. ids_73

    dell inspiron 15 3721

    hi there , i have the dell inspiron 15 3721 with I3-3227 CPU, intel hd4000 gpu 16gb ddr3 and an samsung ssd. i have follow your instructions to prepare my usb with transmac and i use the Macos 10.14 Mojave by NoobsPlanet. so far so good. i place the usb on my dell and make the changes on the...
  5. noobsplanet

    Majove Install Mojave without mac on any desktop/laptop

    We all have own reason to switch or sideload from windows to mac. some switches because they love the user interface of mac, some needs to use the software that are only available on mac or some just love to hackintosh such as me. Mojave was released just a month before and many hackintosher...