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Android-Q Beta 1 Released

What will be the code name for Android Q?

  • Quindim

  • Quiche

  • Quesito

  • Quik

  • Quality Street

  • Quaker oats

  • Quince

  • Qurabiya

  • Queijadas

  • Qottab

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Just recently, Android has released the Android Q beta, which is now available to test for developers. Below are the some new features you can test it :
  • Good performance and optimize the battery life
  • This includes feature to change UI to black version. (Dark Mode)
  • Ability to restrict app to use only on foreground.
  • You can now change the Accent color from Developer Options i.e. (includes tick button and radio buttons, etc.)
  • Screen recording feature (Built-in)
But this is just the Beta, new features will be added on final release. Currently they support Nexus phones only, If you've nexus phone then you can try this out.

"Google has yet not announced the code name for it. What do you think the name would be? Let's play who wins, Guess any Vote up."

See the official installation guide.