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Blackberry 10 RIM VPN Importance


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If you're one like me which loves to hide your privacy from your ISP then you must use vpn to stay private and secure but there's only way to stay private is by the VPN. Most people still have thought that they can only use vpn app to browse anonymously but no. If you notice you've VPN feature on settings as well and that's how you can control VPN easily. You can find this settings on any one of the latest phone, Blackberry, Android, iphone and windows phone as well.

In case of Backberry OS 10 (Latest version of RIM) you cannot use vpn applications to browse anonymously and they're no longer supported. Now, In this case the only way you can use VPN is by setting the VPN profile from settings, but remember this is not free. The prerequisites for using VPN for settings are as follows :
  1. Internet Connection (WiFi or mobile network)
  2. Direct VPN profile supported phone
  3. Premium username and password for any VPN account
Now, from your phone navigate to the settings and click on VPN > Add Profile and fill the information like below :
Profile Name : Noobsplanet
Server Address :
Gateway Type : Microsoft IKEv2 VPN Server
Profile Name : Noobsplanet
Server Address :
Gateway Type : Microsoft IKEv2 VPN Server
Authentication Type : EAP-MSCHAPv2 ====> Default
Authentication ID Type : Email Address ====> Default
Authentication ID : *****************
MSCHAPv2 Password : ************
Gateway Auth Type : PKI ====> Default
Gateway Auth ID Type : Identity Certificate Distinguished Name ====> Default
Allow Untrusted Certificate : prompt ====> Default
Gateway CA Certificate : All CA Certificates ====> Default
Automatically determine IP : ON ====> Default
Automatically determine DNS : ON ====> Default
Automatically determine algorithm : ON ====> Default
IKE Lifetime (Seconds) : 86400 ====> Default
IPSec Lifetime (Seconds) : 10800 ====> Default
NAT Keep Alive (Seconds) : 30 ====> Default
DPD Frequency (Seconds) : 240 ====> Default
Use proxy : OFF ====> Default
And type in your username/email in Authentication ID and MSCHAPv2 Password on your password that has been provided to you. Once done all, click on save and click the Noobsplanet profile to activate your vpn. (You should be able to see the key icon on status bar when you're connected to vpn)
To disconnect hold on profile and select disconnect.
Note : This settings may vary as per your device and vpn use use. I am using Blackberry Password RIM and Open VPN for auth. If you've any problem then you can ask me anything below.
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