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Majove Dell Inspiron 7569 audio ALC 225 not working


New member
HI Noobsplanet!

First of all I wanna thank you for creating an awesome guide to install Mojave on Dell laptops. I managed to make most of the things work. there are couple issues with:
1. Audio - I trying using your guide to fix the audio 28,30,33 for ALC225/ALC3253 but no luck.
2. USB C port only works to charge the laptop but doesn't work for any drives.
3. HDMI doesn't work either.
4. Brightness adjustments keys not working.
5. Trackpad gestures doesn't seem to work (do they work on mackintosh?)
6. When I close my laptop, screen stays on, its doesn't go to sleep.
7. When I stream a video in safari, video stops playing (loading circle goes on) if I pause or when I scrub to different time point. It doesn't work until I refresh.

Which guides should I follow to fix these problems?
Thanks a lot!