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Install MacOS on ASUS ASPIRE A715-72G


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What errors you get when you try to copy the files? You can use the Terminal to Copy files using sudo as root permission, which should have full access. For example :
sudo cp -R /path/to/directory/ /path/to/destination/  #Copying Directory /Volumes contains the internal and external volumes.
# Use cp --help or man cp to get help or read mannual.
just when I move something into the pendrive I get 🚫

it's like I do not have write permissions on any external device
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hello, here is the picture I took, lately I have not had much time so maybe it takes me a little while to answer.


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It looks like your external drive is write protected but as per your terms "It's like I do not have write permissions on any external device" so this means you have also tried other external devices as well. So, seems like the issue with the OS here. so the first thing you need to try is disable the Mac OS protection. This can be disabled by using following command :
system_profiler SPSerialATADataType | grep 'TRIM' #check trim status
sudo trimforce enable # Enable trim but be sure to backup important files before you do.
sudo trimforce disable #To disable the trimforce again
The above command can be directly done if you're in Mojave (As your signature reflects) but if others using OS X prior to 10.14 then you need to boot into recovery and use the above command.

Another solution might be using Terminal to copy the files using sudo. If you can copy files between using sudo cp command using Terminal then it's permission issue, you can fix it. Read on chmod and chown on internet. All access commands are sudo chown currentusername and sudo chmod 777 filename_or_directory which means to grant read, write and execute permission to current user.

USB volumes can be found on /Volumes (Root partition)
You can list volumes using diskutil list