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Majove Install Mojave without mac on any desktop/laptop



I installed macOS Mojave on my pc then realized I don't have a wifi card and no access to ethernet either. I move my hard drive over to another pc that has wifi and it won't boot. I am booting with clover, choose boot from macOS then get stuck at:


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We all have own reason to switch or sideload from windows to mac. some switches because they love the user interface of mac, some needs to use the software that are only available on mac or some just love to hackintosh such as me. Mojave was released just a month before and many hackintosher are willing to install it, experience the new back UI, new features but to make a USB installer you need a real mac or hackintosh (not VM) pc. And due to lack of real mac most of hackintosh lovers are stuck there and I have a solution for it. You don't need a real mac you can burn the USB straight from windows using Transmac and install it directly. Excited ?? let's get started!!

- UEFI supported Desktop/Laptop
- 16 GB or higher USB disk
- 2 GB for Desktop or 4 GB for Laptop ram or higher recommended

Preparing USB
Download Link 1 Download Link 2
  • Download the Mojave Image from above link
  • Download and install Transmac
  • Put downloaded file Mojave and Transmac into Desktop
  • Insert USB drive and Open Transmac
  • Right click on USB drive and select Format Disk For Mac.
  • Once format is complete, again Right click and select Restore with disk image.
  • Wait for finishing task (usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes)

Configuring BIOS
Once transmac completes the task reboot your system and enter to BIOS, Press F2 fro dell , usually Del or ESC on Desktop and most of the laptops. Provide the BIOS password if you've set and restore default settings and make changes as below :
  • Set boot mode to UEFI
  • Disable secure boot
  • SATA mode to AHCI
  • Disable Intel Virtualization Support
  • Disable VT for Direct I/O
Remember you laptop BIOS settings may be different and may have different label than above mentioned but will have similar words, find it and configured as listed above. And don't forget to save the settings after you have made changes. Mostly F10 to save and exit the BIOS on older laptop and desktops.

Installing System
Plug in bootable USB and reboot, then select one time boot menu, mostly F12, you can find above one time boot menu into BIOS. You'll then get a one-time boot menu and select USB UEFI disk. Then, You'll be able to see a Clover boot screen and go to options and append boot arguments as kext-dev-mode=1 nv_disable=1 -v, then go to Graphics Injector > Inject Intel > and set Fake-Id to 0x12345678, then press Enter > ESC > ESC. Finally select Boot OS X from Install Mojave Bla.. Blaa... Blaaa...,

Now, you're at verbose mode, If you get stuck here then take picture of message and attach it below to get help form Noobsplanet. At this time if you're on laptop your keyboard or touchpad may not work, If this is your case you need to plug USB Keyboard or USB mouse on your laptop for setting up(Once, we install we'll fix this). Then from the GUI list, select Disk Utility and select partition and click on Erase. set name as "Noobsplanet HDD" and select OS X Journalised and click Erase. After Erase is complete exit the disk utility and select Install macOS mojave bla.. bla.. from list. Agree the license agreement then select Noobsplanet HDD and click Install. Again this will gonna take about 30 to 60 minutes.

Post Installation
After Installation is complete, like we did above first paragraph of Installing system, set Fake-id to 0x12345678 and append boot arguments as kext-dev-mode=1 nv_disable=1 -v, now from this time we'll be selecting the Noobsplanet HDD disk instead of Install OS X from Mojave. First time when you boot you'll be asked to login through your apple id. If you don't have one then you can skip then step and setup it later from preferences.

Once, You're at desktop you need to install the Clover to HDD to be able to boot without USB. Now you may have problems with keyboard, touchpad, mouse, usb, performance, graphics problem, battery draining, brightness issue and audio, etc. I won't go all detail on this, check our full playlist video on our channel (YouTube Channel ) or See our FAQ guide and old Sierra guide. Everything is explained detail. Explore the Noobsplanet site.!! If you need help please open a thread we're always happy to hear from you. :):)
Good Luck!! (y)(y)
Hii hello i have done complete process and disk utilities also. But when i am trying to install macOS, the message "This copy of the install macOS Mojave application is damaged, and can't be used to inatall macOS" is displayed. Please help me ASAP



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I created the USB and set my boot args and set the fake id but when i click on boot os x i get stuck here.(see picture)

In the BIOS i wasnt able to find ''Intel Virtualization Support'' so i couldnt disable it. Iam using a Samsung NP300E5C

Intel i5-3210m @2.50GHz
Nvidia GT620m