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Installing and applying clover theme hackintosh


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First download your preferred theme form clover theme resource. This files are in .zip file format so, you may need to extract it in Mac. To extract just double click on downloaded zip file. Right click on the folder and copy it to /EFI/Clover/Theme/ Folder. Then open your config.plist located at /EFI/Clover/config.plist with text-editor and your from keyboard press CTRL+F and type "theme" and type the folder name you downloaded, then save the file then reboot your system to test your new theme.

Detail Instruction
Applying theme is easy, you can use clover configurator or other programs to apply the theme but we'll go through this guide without using any software. So, let's start through the following steps:
  1. Download the clover theme of your choice
  2. Extract the downloaded theme if needed, just double click (Mac may automatically extract the downloaded zip so, this steps may not require)
  3. Right click on downloaded theme folder and click copy (Remember the name of folder)
  4. Now mount your EFI folder using disk utility, you can do this by Terminal, paste the following command and press enter:
    sudo diskutil mount EFI
  5. Now from the Finder you can find EFI Volume, Navigate through EFI > Clover > Theme > Right click on empty space and select paste.
  6. Then, Navigate to EFI > Clover > Right click on Config.plist and open with TextEditor.
  7. Hit CTRL + F on your keyboard to open find dialog and search for "Theme"
  8. Remove old name and type the name of theme folder your downloaded (which I have said to remember in step 3).
  9. From the top menu of texteditor click on File > Save.
  10. Reboot to test your new theme.
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