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Lenovo Y740 i7-9750H UHD 630 kernel panic


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Hello dudes,

Been stuck with this issue for a while now in different forms...I keep getting kernel panic on my laptop regardless of what device-id, ig-platform-id I put. For a while I thought it was because of my display (144HZ, FHD) so I tried with the dpcd-fix from whatevergreen, but it still kp's with the same log.

If I inject a bogus platform-id ex: 0x12345678 it boots up with only 7mb vram

I'll attach clover folder and the kernel panic. Just an idea or a lead is gladly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

The funny thing is that everything else is working including the the touchpad.

Lenovo Legion y740
CPU : i7-9750h
GFX : UHD 630
MEM : 32 GB


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