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Majove Mojave on Dell Inspiron 5368


New member
Posted the below in response to the guide, however creating a new Thread as suggested by website popup. Sorry for the duplication.

I have followed this guide ( ) and have been trying to hackintosh my Dell Inspiron 5368 since a few days now. I have tried to download the Mojave dmg from scratch a couple times but each time I have gotten stuck at the same point of installation.

After making changes as mentioned in the guide to Clover Boot Arguements and Intel Graphics Injection, the whole "verbose" part of installation happens normally, then a grey screen appears, with mouse pointer at the corner and then apple logo progress bar. Unfortunately though, the progress bar never loads beyond (probably) initial 5%. It does not even reach the Disk Utility page of Installation where we need to select the disk where Mojave should be installed.

Additional Info: I have tried installing Sierra on the same laptop successfully using this guide, and it installs perfectly.
However, I did not go ahead with installing kexts, patches etc. as i want to install Mojave instead and then move to getting all the hardware setup.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.