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Debian Based How to install latest version of android studio on Ubuntu (All Version)


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This article is made very simple focusing the Linux beginners. There are many instructions out there in internet on how to install android studio on Linux, some might use repository to install, some uses software center to install but we use official guide to install the android studio, which will be the latest and stable version. Let's start:
Just tap the following link to navigate to the official download page:

You should be able to see the download button and below that you should see the Linux version (If are seeing different like windows and macOS click on download option and manually download as per your system). For Linux users, it will download the *.tar.gz extension file.

Screenshot from 2021-03-06 09-46-54.png

Terminal -> Use Copy Button, Placed At Right:
cd ~/Downloads && sudo mv android-studio-ide* /opt/ && sudo tar -xvzf /opt/android-studio-ide* && sudo chown /opt/android-studio/bin/ && ./opt/android-studio/bin/ && echo "Thank you for choosing NoobsPlanet"

The download may take few minutes depending upon your internet connection. So once download is complete open up Terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) and type cd ~/Downloads hit enter. Type ls, -> Enter. This will output the list of files and folder in current directory. In the following command we will be moving the android studio downloaded achieve file into /opt root directory. These commands are repeated in below as well. please copy each line and pate it in your Terminal. The line starting with # are comments in Linux bash script, which are used to make you understand what commands meant for, so simply ignore them when you copy.

#  Go to Downloaded directory
cd ~/Downloads

#List all the files and directories in current path.

#Moves the downloaded android studio into /opt root directory. This will ask your computer's password authenticate it.
sudo cp android-studio-ide-201.7042882-linux.tar.gz # don't forget to replace the name with the name you have downloaded.

#Extract the downloaded files
sudo tar -xvzf android-studio-ide-201.7042882-linux.tar.gz

#Go to  android studio bin folder.
cd andorid-studio/bin

#Make program executable by current user.
sudo chmod +x

#Run Android studio.

Screenshot from 2021-03-06 10-35-20.png

It should open up android studio, if everything is done as mentioned steps. Head over setting up android studio SDK.[/SPOILER]