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What is Clover And Config.plist in Hackintosh?


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🍀 What is Clover Boot Loader?
Clover is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) Boot Loader developed to boot Hackintosh, Linux or Windows in Legacy or UEFI Mode. Without Clover, you cannot boot into your Hackintosh. So, Clover is the most important thing when you install Hackintosh on your non-Apple Computer. 🍎


As we all know, Hackintoshing means hack to run on non-Apple Computer, and every Laptop/Desktop is different in hardware, so we just need to tweak something to Clover to make work. You can see read about Clover and it's usage on the official wiki page as well.

If you've just installed Hackintosh and you cannot boot without USB stick then you've not yet installed the Clover into HDD/SSD. Installing Clover to HDD/SSD is required once you complete the installation. After you install it into HDD/SSD then you don't need a USB stick to boot into Hackintosh. In short, Clover is nothing but a bootloader, in which you can improve and customize your Hackintosh functioning when it starts booting.
Some quick start information and location of Clover files.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 9.03.37 PM.png

EFI - A root partition where all boot files are stored. It is created when you install Hackintosh for the first time but will be empty.

NVRAM - NVRAM is a type of RAM that retains data after the host device’s power is turned off. It stores values such as brightness level, audio volume, computer name, etc. and restores when you turn back on.

EFI Directory - If you've multiple operating systems installed then you'll notice folders such as Microsoft, Ubuntu, opensuse .. so on, these are read by the Clover boot loader so that you'll be able to boot into multiple OSes from Clover boot screen.

Cloverx64.efi - Located in EFI/Clover/Cloverx64.efi is an executable file which is added on the BIOS boot order while installing Clover. If you've already installed Clover and is not detectable then you can choose Add Boot Option from BIOS and locate this file manually.

ACPI - Inside ACPI consist of two folders origin and patched. These are the complex thing for the Hackintosher newbie which is related to DSDT and patches. When you generate your ACPI files using Clover by pressing F2 you'll find your ACPI files on origin folder and once you patch your ACPI files (DSDT and SSDTs) you should place it in the patched folder.

config.plist - This is where Clover reads all the configuration while booting into Hackintosh. Using the wrong config.plist may stick you into Kernel Panic forever. So, this should be configured as per your system hardware. (Explained Below In Detail)

driver64UEFI - It will contain the necessary drivers requires to boot Hackintosh, you may need to add or remove some drivers from this folder later on. For example HFSPlus.efi is required to detect non-Apple Hard Disk, without this you won't be able to see the partition while installing OS X. Therefore partition list is empty and you cannot install OS X.

Kexts - Kexts is a similar word to drivers in windows. You can see the multiple folders inside it ...,10.10,10.11,10.12,10.13,10.14... and other folder as well. To say straight always place all the kexts to Other folder because for example, if you place it in 10.14 folder and upgrade your system to 10.15 then you may fail to boot or loose functioning because Clover denieds load kext from 10.14 but always loads from other folder. You should place all the kexts which your hardware is not functioning such as Keyboard, Trackpad, Brightness, Graphics kext, etc. in Clover/Kexts/Other folder.

misc - This folder will save screenshot and clover boot log. If you need to generate Preboot.log then press F2 at Clover Home Screen and F10 for screenshot, these can be used while asking question-related to your problems. Preboot.log will replace when you press F2 next time but Screesnhot will be appended as Screenshot0.png, Screenshot1.png, Screenshot2.png,Screenshot2.png and so on.

Themes - Clover boot screen can be customized in the beautiful look that you want. Download or Create the themes you like and place it into Theme Folder. Get themes.

What is Config.plist?
contains all configuration for the Hackintosh that is called when Hackintosh starts booting, which is located in /EFI/Clover/config.plist. In config.plist, you can add required patches, add parameters, Inject properties, SMBIOS, etc. You can open the config.plist with TextEditor, XCode, plist editor, etc. but recommend to use Clover Configurator which as developed to edit the config.plist for Hackintoshing.
Some advanced Hackintosh user uses black config.plist and starts editing as per their hardware. But there is a prebuilt config.plist files on the internet already configured as per your system by RehabMan. This is configured as per the laptop IGPU, so you should know which Graphics Card you have on your Laptop/Desktop before you use.

Take the time to read about How To USE Clover Configurator.

You can also have multiple config.plist with other names as well such as config-bak.plist,config-old.plist or config-new.plist and so on. But by default Clover will read the config.plist as the config file. You can switch config.plist from Clover Boot Screen > Options > Config > Select the config.plist, for example Config-old.plist (as you named) to boot into the old setting but remember these are used only one time only after you reboot or shutdown the changes will revert to default. To make a permanent change you need to Mount Your EFI partition and rename the config.plist file.

Have a Problem? Read Clover Frequent Question And Answers

Note: If you've got a problem then don't ask below, please create a new thread in the matched forum instead.
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Hello I want to change the model of my hackintosh Imac 14.2 to 15.1 or higher, can it be done?
Do you mean 10.14.2 (Mojave) to 10.15.1 (Catalina) or Higher (Big Sur)?
The answer is yes. Download the Catalina from the AppStore and once it is downloaded click to install and follow the onscreen instructions.


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What does "#" mean before each word in clover config.plist?
# (pronounced hash) denotes to comment in script language. so, If you see # symbol then, anything written after that within the line is ignored by compiler. It is basically used for documenting things to developers.