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Using Diskpart - A powerful tool to manage your drive.


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DiskPart is a disk partition utility that operates using the command line, designed to be used with all versions of Windows and Windows Server. It is a very powerful tool and is recommended to use this when your USB gets "Windows was unable to complete the format" or "You get only less size of total storage", etc.


Command Prompt:
list disk
select Disk 1
create part pri
format fs=fat32 quick

Diskpart is a pre-installed utility that comes with any version of Windows Operating System. To run this first you have to open command prompt by pressing Win + R and type "cmd" and Hit Enter. Then type "Diskpart" and Hit Enter, this will take a little time and a admin control window appears click "Yes", then it will open a next window. The above seven commands are need to execute one after another. The first command list disk will list the disk available on your system. Normally there are 2 disk one USB and one computer hard-drive. You may see if you've multiple USB or harddrive connected to pc. You can see in the image below to identify which disk is USB and which is hard drive by the volume at the right side.
Now, the second command will be Select Disk x (Make sure you've selected the correct disk, In my case it's one so I will replace x with 1), then the third command would be clean, which deletes all the data on your selected disk. This should give a message "Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk.", once you get this message you need to create primary partition on the disk to make it usable. To do this just type create part pri shortcut for "Create partition primary" and format this to fat or ntfs which will be recognizable by windows OS. So, our next command will be format fs=xxxx quick, I replace xxxx with fat32, you may want to replace this with ntfs, Also if you get unsuccessful message then you may try this command by removing "quick" from option., Finally type active and hit enter then type "exit" to exit the command prompt.
Now your USB is ready to use.


That's it, close command window and now you can eject the USB drive and re-insert to make it work.👏👏
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