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Proper Installation of laptop graphics


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Did you just bought a new laptop or a desktop computer and wondering installing graphics driver? OR Do you already installed the graphics driver and you get lags while playing games? Most people search for the graphics driver in their official laptop brand website for example, ,, etc. but this is not the correct way to install driver for your laptop/desktop because they doesn't provide up-to-date driver for your laptop because they have tons of laptop drivers in their site and updating the link will takes time. So, here my suggestion for best way to install driver in your laptop/pc.

Before you begin you should know which graphics card you are using. Take a paper and pen to write down your results. The First thing you need to know is check laptop brightness working or not? If your brightness is working then you have installed the graphics card if not then you might install wrong graphics card driver or you haven't installed the graphics card. To know which graphics card you have, see below your keyboard you should see stickers like below picture.


In the above picture you can see the 3 stickers Windows 7 is sticker saying "This pc has windows 7 installed" , Intel inside means you have intel processor and has intel internal graphics and RADEON means it has external AMD Graphics. Cheaper laptop doesn't have external graphics, which is especially used for gaming or for animation programmers. Some laptops also have NVIDIA graphics card. You can also find detail of your graphics card on laptop/pc specification site just hit your model on google. For example for me "Dell Inspiron 5559 full specification" keyword where Dell is the brand name and inspiron 5559 is the model number. You can find the model number back in back side of your laptop or you can use Win + R and type dxdiag without quote and you'll find your model number there. Below is the attached screenshot, Where System model is the model of your laptop.


Write down in your paper System Model, For processor in above screenshot Intel Core i7 6th Generation. Confuse what is your generation ? See in processor i7-6500u The 6500u starts with 6 so it is 6th Generation. Similarly 5th Gen processors start with 5 in their model number. 4th gen processors start with 4 in their model number. Note down your own now the last step to note is operating system. Go To "My Computer" and Right click on blank area and click "properties" and Note down "System Properties" 64 - bit operating System or 32 - bit operating System and windows version you're using. The sample note look like below:-
Intel i7 Processor
6th Generation
Windows 10 64 - bit Operation System


First uninstall the previous drivers for graphics if any. Always download drivers from official site for example Download for Intel and Download for AMD Radeon and Download for Nvidia. Choose appropriate from field and then download and install it. Once it is install then restart your pc.

Note :- Always remember to keep battery settings to High Performance for best performance when you play the game.
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