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How To Unblock Specific Website From Blocking Ads.


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Why Unblock?
-> We all hate ads right? Websites require the servers to run needs maintenance time to time that will be charged to the owner of the site. And for some sites(this) ads are the only way to generate some money for the creator and that will be used to maintain the service. The above image description also describes clearly, "This website is run by the community and for the community and it needs advertisement in order to keep running". So, Ad-block is the only way to generate some money that will be used to make server running.

You might have seen a banner on some site or maybe in this site like above, "Ad-bocking software has been detected". And you want to disable the Adblock for certain sites but how? In this guide I will be using the AdBlock Chrome extension (Free version), you might be using a different one but steps will be similar to this. There are two ways to whitelist website from ad-block that are:

1) Temporary Whitelist

-> Temporary whitelist the website from Adblock can be the best idea if you visit the website for the first time or very little time as a Guest. You can click on the Ad-block icon from the toolbar-menu and pause on this site and refresh the page.

2) Permanent Whitelist
-> Permanent whitelist can be important when you visit as frequently to the site either as a guest or as a member. By whitelist, the website your ad will be always enabled. To disable you need to remove a site from the field. Click on Ad-block -> ⚙ Gear Icon -> Customize -> Show Ads everywhere except for these domains. Add the home URL link for example i.e. in the field and click Ok. Now, you'll see the link in the filter URL. Now, you are all set close to the page and refresh the site and you'll be now able to see ads on the page.
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If you've any problem using the different ad blocking software please let me know below in the comment section. You can also help by donating a certain amount of money from this link in which 4.99 is USD in the link you can change to smaller or larger about on how much you want to donate.
Thank You For Your Support.
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