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Kodi - Android and iOS Smartphone Remote Control setup for Kodi TV (Better than Kodi Remote??)


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In Kodi the primary environment was designed for the living room (10-foot interface) and controlling it only with a remote control. While Kodi does support mouse, keyboard, and even touch controls, the main method of controlling Kodi is designed around is the typical remote. This further enhances the appliance feel of the Kodi and fits next to (or replaces) the other remotes that are likely to be in your entertainment room.

Kodi can be controlled in several different ways, including both a physical remote control as well as using your smartphone or tablet. This page will link to both the official Team Kodi remote control apps and additional remote apps made by the community, as well as tell you how to enable smartphone/tablet app control in Kodi.

1) Smart Phone / Tablet Remote Control with Kore
Kore is the official remote for kodi, with simple and easy user Interface. Smart Phone control is the best control for kodi I guess because, you can see the channel list, and what's currently playing with Album art cover within your phone.

– Control your media center with an easy to use remote;
– Including several colour themes;
– See what’s currently playing, including relevant information (movies, TV shows, music, pictures and addons);
– Change, sync or download subtitles;
– Switch to the desired audio streams;
– All the usual playback and volume controls at your disposal;
– Toggle back and forth between windows or full screen playback in Kodi
– Add, check and manage the current playlist;
– View what is in your media library with details about your movies, TV shows, music and add-ons;
– Direct link to relevant IMDb website for extensive information;
– Library maintenance like clean and update;
– Wake-on-LAN and other power control actions that the selected device supports;
– Send YouTube videos to your currently selected media center;
– Send text to the instead of using the keyboard in Kodi;
– Switch to live TV channels and trigger recording on your PVR/DVR setup;

Kodi 14.x "Helix" and higher
XBMC 12.x "Frodo" and 13.x Gotham

– English
– Basque
– Bulgarian
– Chinese
– Czech
– Dutch
– French
– German
– Italian
– Portuguese
– Portuguese (Brazil)
– Spanish
– Russian

Download Kore
From your smartphone directly visit your store(i.e. Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS) and search for "Kore" and install it.

I am not sure but newer version of OSMC Kodi comes with Chorus install so, you don't need to configure the following mentioned settings, just download the Kore app from App Store and install it. Open the app and it will detect automatically and just connect it. If It did not work then you need additional steps follow the below guide.

Now, You have installed the Kore app on your smartphone and Kodi is installed on your PI or PC. Open the Kodi app and Goto Home Screen by click on Settings > Control. Click on Web Interface > Get More > Choose Chorus > Install. Once installation is completed configure the screen as follows:

Allow remote control via HTTP ---> ON
  • Port ---> 8080
  • Username ---> noob
  • Password ---> noob
  • Web Interface ---> Chorus
  • Allow remote control from application on this system ---> ON
  • Allow remote control from application on other system ---> ON
Now, Once you setup this, open your Kore app and click Next> then it will search and auto detect Kodi host, click on host and enter username as noob and password ad noob and click "TEST", now you're good to go. Play with your new remote control.
If it can't detect then the problem might be due to following reasons :
  • You're not in the same network
  • You're too far from the network
  • Your configure is wrong, please check again.
Please if you've any problem configuring it, please feel free to comment below.
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