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[GUIDE] How To Change SMBIOS From Clover Configurator


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Before this when I first install the Hackintosh I was using MacBook Air 6,2 which is really bad for Laptop. I'm suing Skylake so found MacBook Pro best for me. You may have question like why changing SMBIOS is important ? Yes, It is very important to change the SMBIOS. I am using the MacBook Pro13,2 but for a minute assume that I am using MacBook Air (8,1) which as core 2 duo then the Mac OS performs like "Hey this laptop is using core 2 duo so minimize the performance, and also while updates and patches, Hey don't install Nvidia drivers to this laptop because it has not Nvidia drivers." and this may get you into kernal panic. I think you got what I mean to say rite?

As I am one who changed the SMBIOS without any problems, But I've seen people in forum sites claim that changing SMBIOS from Clover got them stuck into Kernel Panic and need to re-install the entire OS. So, I recommend you to do following things before you change anything:

1) First Read : Before You Make Any Changes
2)Update your Clover Boot Loader
3)Update Config.plist
4)Download Clover Configurator (if you've not installed already)

Now, First thing you need to know which system do you have? What processor you're using(Broadwell, Haswell, Skylake)? Choose the one that match from EveryMac site . (For Laptop Users always recommended go with MacBook Pro) Once, you have choose that is likely best match with your system. Come back in Clover Configurator and click on Magic icon > Choose Mac Types > and select the one that you choose from EveryMac.


You are good to go, Mount your EFI and navigate through EFI/EFI/Clover/ using Finder and Right Click on Config.plist and open with Clover Configurator then goto SMBIOS Click on Magic Button and Click on Macbook Types and choose you desired one click ok then save the Config.plist with File > Save exit Clover Configurator. Open Terminal
sudo diskutil umount EFI
Shutdown computer and turn on
Click on Apple Logo > About This Mac
Congratulations You've just changed your SMBIOS!!
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