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Getting started with Kodi - YouTube Addon


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YouTube Add-on for Kodi
In the previous guide we talked about how we install the kodi on different platform. And In this guide we'll explain on installing Kodi on raspberry Pi and Adding Add-ons. Now, Once you turn your raspberry Pi then the OSMC installer will automatically start installing by self once it finished it will reboot and boot the raspberry Pi for the first time this will take you the welcome screen. Currently I can't show you the OSMC skin but you'll be asked to choose language, skin, network setup, ssh setup , etc. Once done you're at the home screen with following screen.

Right now if you take a look at TV, Pictures and Video all are empty because Kodi is just an handy software we need to add an Add-ons to make it work but from the default OSMC skin we can't add repositories and addons so what we'll do is use the Kodi's default screen for Add-ons installation and switching back when installing task is complete. OSMC is an attractive skin for TV, I just love this UI :love::love::love:, not sure what you guys would like it's your choice to switch back to OSMC skin or stay with Kodi's default skin.

Changing skin
Screenshot from 2018-08-05 15-36-13.pngScreenshot from 2018-08-05 11-37-17.png
Go to Interface Settings and choose Kodi Defult Skin, Click Apply to change skin. Now, you're at new skin

Adding Add-Ons
There are two kinds of installing add-ons, the one is provided by the Kodi itself in the Download section and the other is from the repositories. In this guide we'll install the YouTube Add-on from the Kodi Download feature. I have attached the screenshot for all the steps you need to perform to install the YouTube add-on below.

From the Kodi homescreen click on the Top > Left "System" and then Add-on from the menu. Then Click on Download > Choose Video addons. Now, here's the list of large addons , you can install one that you need but In this guide we'll only install YouTube so find the YouTube app at the near bottom on the list and click Install. Now, once the installation is completed you'll be notified at the top right with message "Addon Installed" (Screenshot not attached). Once Addon is installed Go back to home screen, you can go through home screen by ESC or Right Click from the mouse.

From the Homescreen click on Video the Video Add-ons and select YouTube and Sign In if you want, (By signing in you can get recommend videos, watch history, liked videos, wishlist, etc.), now If you click on sign In it will give you the code, open your browser on PC or Mobile and visit and type the code provided. Again one more time another code will pop up and type the code. Once, done you're signed in.

Now, you'll be taken to the settings page, where you can set up the quality of videos, display sizes, etc. you can configure. I am using Kodi on my 43" Led TV so, I use the quality to 720p/1080p for sharpness, If you are using mobile or laptop you can keep 480p or 720p, I keep other prefrences as is default, you can change it as per your needs. That's it
Enjoy watching your favorite videos.
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